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JJ Electronics 6V6 Replacement Amplifier Vacuum Tube


Manufacturer's Description

The JJ Electronic 6V6S is another modern classic from JJ. This 6V6 has the standard rugged construction we’ve come to expect from JJ which allows it handle much higher plate voltages than the typical 6V6 tube. The JJ 6V6 can even be used in place of a 6L6 in some amplifiers. Overall this tube has a warm and balanced tone with incredible separation and response. The highs come in clean and smooth with a lot of clarity. The mids are full and distinctive. The lows are fat and punchy. These tubes can cover a spectrum of sounds and styles all within the same amplifier.


  • Body Height: 79 mm
  • Filament Current (If): 0.5 A
  • Filament Voltage (Uf): 6.3 V
  • Grid Current 2, single tube (Ig2): 5 mA
  • Grid Voltage 1, push-pull (Ug1): -15 V typical
  • Grid Voltage 1, single tube (Ug1): -12.5 V typical
  • Grid Voltage 2 (Ug2): ≤ 450 V, 250 V typical
  • Grid capacitance (cg1): 9 pF
  • Grid current 2, push-pull (Ig2): 13 mA
  • Grid to Plate Capacitance (ca/g): 0.7 pF
  • Item Diameter: 33.3 mm
  • Item Height: 93 mm
  • Plate Capacitance (ca): 8.5 pF
  • Plate Current, push-pull (Ia): 70 mA
  • Plate Current, single tube (Ia): 45 mA
  • Plate Dissipation (Wa): ≤ 14 W
  • Plate Dissipation, single tube (Wa): ≤ 10 W
  • Plate Voltage (Ua): ≤ 450 V, 250 V typical