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JHS Pedals Electro-Harmonix Micro Pog “Quadra Pog” Guitar Effect Pedal

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We love the Micro Pog but wanted more control and on-the-fly options. Our mod starts with duplicating both of the Micro Pog's octave knobs and adding two independent footswitches that enable you to toggle between the internal octave knobs and the external octave controls. No, seriously....we just gave you the ability to independently turn on/off both of the octave knob controls, choose between two different settings for each of the two Octave controls, and gave you the ability to use up to 4 unique presets on the fly!

The footswitch in the center is the on/off for the pedal. The footswitch on the bottom right toggles between the two Octave Up (blue knobs) knobs. The footswitch on the left toggles between the two Sub Octave (red knobs) settings.

Choose between your normal setting, setting A, setting B, or setting A+B. Whalah....