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IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro Desktop 32-Key Black Edition MIDI Controller Keyboard


Manufacturer's Description

UNO is the new black

The foundation of any great synth collection

IK’s award-winning true analog synthesizer is back with a bold new look. With classic analog sound, incredible flexibility, an inspiring workflow and complete connectivity, this little black synth is perfect for every occasion.

No matter your genre or workflow, whether your rig is PC-based or outboard, whether you’re on stage or in the studio, UNO Synth Pro’s bold new color is guaranteed to make you look and sound your best.

Classic sounds

  • 3 discrete oscillators plus noise generator
  • Pulse-width modulation and hard sync
  • Continuously variable wave shape
  • FM and ring modulation

Incredibly adaptable

  • Dual state variable filters with 24 modes
  • Series and parallel configuration
  • 16-slot modulation matrix
  • Mac/PC Editor to integrate with DAWs

The perfect foundation

  • 256 user-editable presets
  • 10-mode onboard arpeggiator
  • 64-step sequencer with 40+ parameters
  • CV/Gate automation

Fits in anywhere

  • 2 x CV / Gate input & output
  • 5-pin and USB MIDI I/O
  • Audio input to filters, FX, or pass-through
  • Balanced stereo & headphone outs

A tiny powerhouse for music creation

Just like for the original, the UNO Synth Pro Editor makes it easy create classic or new sounds or load any of the FREE artist preset packs at UNO Sounds.

Always fresh, always in style, always the right choice – UNO Synth Pro is the little black synth that completes every setup, because… … UNO is the new black.


First-class analog sound

  • 3 discrete wave-morphing oscillators
  • PWM, sync, FM and ring modulation
  • Dual state variable filters with 24 modes
  • Original UNO Synth OTA filter
  • New SSI-based filter with self-oscillation
  • 16-slot modulation matrix

Cutting-edge features

  • 256 user-editable presets
  • 12 studio-quality FX in 3 slots
  • Reverbs, Delays, Modulations
  • 64-step sequencer with 84 parameters
  • 10-mode onboard arpeggiator
  • USB / MIDI / CV / Gate in/out
  • Audio input to filters, FX or pass-through

For everyone

  • Available in two form factors
  • UNO Synth Pro
    • Compact, stage-ready 37-key keyboard
    • Fatar semi-weighted keybed with aftertouch
    • Powered by included PSU or optional UNO Synth Power Bank
  • UNO Synth Pro Desktop
    • Ultra-portable 32 capacitive-key tabletop
    • Powered by USB or optional UNO Synth Power Bank


  • UNO Synth Pro
    • Size (W x D x H): 55 x 30 x 7 cm, 21.65 x 11.8 x 2.75 in.
    • Enclosure: Metal/plastic
    • Weight: 5.8 kg, 12.8 lb
    • Power: Power PSU
  • UNO Synth Pro Desktop
    • Size (W x D x H): 33.3 x 15 x 5 cm, 13.11 x 5.91 x 1.96 in.
    • Enclosure: Plastic
    • Weight: 700 g, 1.54 lb
    • Power: USB Power

Package includes

  • UNO Synth Pro
    • UNO Synth Pro
    • 1x Micro USB to USB Cable
    • Power Supply Unit
  • UNO Synth Pro Desktop
    • UNO Synth Pro Desktop
    • 1x Micro USB to USB Cable

UNO Synth Pro Editor Compatibility

UNO Synth Pro Editor requires UNO Synth Pro with firmware version 2.0.0 or later.


64-bit application. Requires a 64 bit CPU and Operating System.

  • Mac® (64-bits)
  • Minimal: macOS 10.11 or later.
  • Windows® (64-bits)
  • Minimal: Windows 8 or later.