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Hughes & Kettner FSM-432 MKIV MIDI Footswitch Controller, GrandMeister & Black-Spirit Amps


Manufacturer's Description

The FSM-432 MK IV MIDI Board doesn’t just serve to select presets. The stomp box mode allows you to switch channels directly, and to activate modulation effects, delay and boost independently, or you use the Direct 7-Mode for direct access to your 7 most wanted sounds.
 it also offers two 1/4″ jack inputs to connect expression pedals or single footswitches. Both inputs are freely assignable to remote control any pot and switch (exept Master Volume) of the GrandMeister and Black-Spirit 200 in realtime. FSM-432 MK IV is fully compatible with the MK III and also works as well with TubeMeister Deluxe 40, TubeMeister 36, Coreblade and Switchblade. The FSM 432 MK-IV comes with everything that made the earlier FSM-432 MKIII so popular, plus a host of new functions:


  • Enjoy the benefits of Direct 7-Mode alongside tried-and-true Preset- and Stompbox-Modes
  • Assign controller inputs individually to each preset in Preset-Mode
  • Configure controller inputs in Stompbox-Mode, globally and independently of Preset Mode
  • Copy sounds in Direct 7-Mode
  • Use Tap Delay in Direct 7-Mode to set delay time at the controller input
  • Update firmware via the MIDI port to keep your board up to speed
  • Revamped  slimmer housing with straight edges leaves a smaller footprint and is a better fit for legacy pedal boards


  • MIDI IN: 5-pin
  • MIDI OUT: 7-pin (5-pin compatible)
  • CONTROLLER INPUTS: 2 x 6,3mm (1/4“) stereo jack
  • POWER SUPPLY: Phantom powered (50 mA, 23 Volts)
  • EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY: AC or DC 9-15 Volts, 250 mA
  • DIMENSIONS: 435 x 118 x 66 mm
  • WEIGHT: 1.68 kg