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Hohner Marine Band No. 1896 Harmonica Pro 3-Pack (Keys of C, G, A)


Manufacturer's Description


  • 10-hole diatonic

  • 3-pack

  • Key: G, C, and A

  • Reeds: 20

  • Reedplates: 

  • Brass; 0.9 mm

  • Pearwood comb

  • Length: 10cm

  • Hohner harmonicas feature improved reed profiles to increase reed life by over 200%

  • Precision die punches to ensure reed plates with unparalleled air tightness

  • Improved tuning accuracy (through investment in innovative new tools)

  • Extremely stable stainless steel covers that won't tarnish and are easy to clean

  • Dynamic range and highest volume of most any commercially made harmonica

  • Super-fast response