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Hohner HBP Hoodoo Blues Harp Harmonica Set in C, D, & G


Manufacturer's Description

If you want to play the Blues the Hoodoo Blues harmonica set has what it takes to get you started. Three of the most popular keys of harmonica packaged in a handy zippered carrrying case gives anyone what they need to kick-off their Blues career. Connecting with the ever popular term "Hoodoo Man" used in many old Blues tunes depicting a folk-magician or "conjurer" Hohner keeps the spirit of the Blues alive with the Hoodoo Blues harmonica set.


  • Three Popular Keys C, D and G

  • Zippered Carrying Case made with tolex material to bring your HooDoo harmonicas to every jam.

  • Light Weight HooDoo Blues Diatonic harmonicas feature, 10-holes, brass reeds that offer the ultimate in blues tone!

  • Great for beginners

  • Great starter set of harmonicas