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Hohner Compadre Diatonic Accordion, Keys of E, A, & D, Red w/ Silver Grill


Manufacturer's Description

The Latin Beginner

The typical HOHNER sound, as crisp and voluminous as we know it – but at an incredible price. The compadre is your best friend for your first steps into the world of Norteño, Tex-Mex, and folk punk. Explore the acoustic possibilities of Mexican, Irish, and German folk with this sturdy accordion designed for beginners and advanced players.


New grill design

The new grill design gives our Compadre a fresh look and incredible sound

Adjustable bass strap

The left hand bass strap is adjustable in size


  • Number of notes: 62
  • Buttons: 31
  • Button rows: 3
  • Class: diatonic
  • Voices: 2
  • Tone colors: 1
  • Keys: E, A, & D
  • Standard basses: 12
  • Standard bass voices: 5
  • Size: 31 x 19 cm / 12.2” x 7.5”
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Color: red
  • Reed plate quality: standard
  • Straps: Standard straps
  • Case: Gigbag