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Hohner Blues Bender Harmonica - Key of C

  • Model No.: BBBLC
  • Blues Bender Harmonica Pack, C
  • Designed to Play the Blues
  • Patented Cover Design
  • Heavy Reed Plate for Optimum Performance
  • Stainless Steel Covers

Manufacturer's Description

A good first harp to develop your chops on and a great value. 10-hole diatonic harmonica with a plastic comb. Features Patented Acoustic Covers for excellent volume and projection, long lasting reeds, plus thicker than normal reed plates for a consistent tone. Very airtight between the mouthpiece and the reed plates, allowing for easier note bending and more expressive playing. A quality instrument designed for those learning to play.
The Hohner Blues Bender professional harmonica gives everybody access to the bluesy notes needed to make any blues or rock riff complete. The Patented Acoustic Covers (P.A.C.) are based on Hohner's famous Marine Band harp but with thickerthan- normal reed plates for consistent tone and durability.