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Heritage Audio R.A.M 1000 Desktop Monitor Controller with Bluetooth


Heritage Audio R.A.M 1000 Desktop Monitor Controller with Bluetooth


Manufacturer's Description

The Monitor Controller for Everyone

The Heritage Audio R.A.M 1000 is a professional monitor controller in an attractive and convenient tabletop format. Offering a matrix of inputs and outputs, the R.A.M 1000 meets the monitor control needs of any recording environment, from project studios to demanding professional facilities — at an unheard-of price.

Connect Nearly Anything — Even Wirelessly!

The R.A.M 1000 has a plethora of input and output options. It offers two pairs of +4 dBu balanced analog inputs, (one being -10 dBV selectable) and two stereo outputs, available on both balanced XLR and ¼¨ jack connections.

There is also a very convenient Bluetooth option. The Bluetooth input will automatically choose the best codec available for your device to ensure the highest quality at all times. A simple Reset button will allow you to change the input source for the Bluetooth connection at any time. It couldn’t be easier to incorporate the sound from your mobile devices into your studio environment!

The Perfect Solution for Self-Recording Musicians & Mid-Sized Studios

With the RAM1000 you'll have everything you need to control what you hear right at your fingertips. The new addition to our family of monitor controllers could not be easier to navigate. Things are kept simple to make sure they don't get in the way of your creativity.

Operation is intuitive with 3 selectable input buttons to the left and 2 output buttons to the right with a huge, beautiful Marconi type knob dead center to make sure you always control exactly what you want. The addition of the ubiquitous MUTE, DIM and MONO keep those options within reach. There has also been a high-quality headphone output included for when you need to make a critical listening decision that only headphone monitor can offer.

Bluetooth has basically become standard within studios around the world in the last few years. Therefore, it was an easy call to make sure that the RAM1000 was also prepared to provide it as well as including all latest CODEC options to ensure the highest quality transmission possible.

There is even an option to switch the routing from OUTPUT 1 to your soundcard/interface for recording.... This will make it easy to plug in an instrument to rehearse along to a mix and when ready, simply route it on to your recording device. Couldn't be easier!


  • Bluetooth reception with the latest codecs
  • Use multiple Input and Output selections simultaneously
  • High-quality headphone monitoring
  • Quick option to send a signal out to your interface for recording
  • Classic European console design, inspired by the best console master sections with exclusively designed Master Level control
  • Easy USB-C powering (cables included)