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Harron's Body Butter Carnuba Banana Wax for Guitars, 100ml


Manufacturer's Description

Harron's Body Butter Boutique Carnauba Wax is a soft, golden wax which produces a deep shine on gloss surfaces. Harron's Body Butter contains sweat and acidic resistant polymers. Providing long lasting protection against all playing conditions. It covers light scratches and reduces the appearance of swirling and deeper marks. To be be used on all painted surfaces to give your guitar a high detail shine!

Michael Harron says: "I always asked myself why I saw high quality guitars at every corner, yet no high quality products to take care of them - Harron's instrument care was my way of answering that question. Coming from a background of hotrods and Harleys growing up, I knew what I wanted in an after care product, that was going to bring out the full potential in a showroom quality finish"