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Gretsch USA GB4164HB Brooklyn Hammered Brass Snare Drum (6.5" x 14")


Manufacturer's Description

Gretsch Brooklyn series metal snare drums add another professional and distinctive voice to the Gretsch snare line up. The straight-sided chrome over brass shell (with Gretsch center knurl pattern) is offered in two sizes, 5x14 (8 lug) and


(10 lug). Also offered is hammered chrome over brass shell in 6.5x14 (10 lug). All shells include Gretsch "302" 3mm/double-flanged hoops, Lightning throw off and butt plate, "Snap-in" drum key holder, 20-strand snare wire and Gretsch Permatone drum heads. The brass shells resonate with classic, musical tones and are extremely versatile. The "302" hoops provide a timbre that is more open and ambient than traditional Gretsch die-cast hoops.


  • 14" x 6.5" 1.2mm thin hammered brass shell
  • 10 Lugs, "302" Double-Flanged Hoops
  • Lightning Throw-off
  • Gretsch Brooklyn Series Round Badge
  • Gretsch Permatone coated top / clear bottom heads
  • Made in the USA