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Guitarmory Polaris 53mm Bridge Postion 6-String Humbucker Guitar Pickup, Black w/ Black Poles


Manufacturer's Description

Polaris has an insatiable appetite for gain. It features an extremely powerful mid-range, super-tight bottom end, and a smooth but defined high end. They are very well suited to very aggressive styles of music. Both pickups provide crazy pinch-harmonics and drive the front end of any amp; hard, but without sounding buzzy, fuzzy, or harsh. Polaris allows for lower preamp gain on tight rhythm work but makes effective use of an overdrive pedal for insane-level gain in crushing leadwork. Active pickup users will find this set makes for an easy transition into the passive world. A bridge teeming with vigor for high gain patches and overdrive pedals, pushing every ounce of articulate aggression through the signal chain. Crisp and articulate power are the prized attributes in this bridge; all the while keeping your bottom end on a strict leash. This allows it to play, but always stays in control. Throwing the switch to the neck will unveil a shredders pinnacle dream in a neck pickup. Relishing tapped riffs and articulating endless sweeping. Handing over an articulate tone with an undeniably unique low end and smooth, liquid, stout highs that sing with every nuance picked or strummed.

  • 6-String Bridge Position
  • 4-Conductor Wiring
  • Short Leg
  • Bridge String Spacing: Wide (53mm)
  • Bobbin Color: Black
  • Pole Piece Color: Black
  • Bridge Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output Level: High