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GK Gallien-Krueger Neo IV Neo112-IV 1x12" Bass Speaker Cab w/ Horn


GK Gallien-Krueger Neo IV Neo112-IV 1x12" Bass Speaker Cab w/ Horn


Manufacturer's Description

Introducing the new NEO line of bass cabinets from Gallien-Krueger. Building off of the previous iteration, the new NEO series features an upgraded look, construction, and features. The new form factor is shared with the Fusion and Legacy combos, making it the ideal extension cabinet for these combos, as well as, standalone cabinets for GK’s Legacy and Fusion heads.


The new NEO series features a light-weight plywood construction with ample bracing that creates an extremely sturdy box. The inside of the cabinet is covered with damping material to absorb high frequencies from the rear of the speaker, preventing them from coming out of the port and interfering with the high frequencies from the front of the speaker. This results in a smooth and pleasing high end response. A metal grill and ultra-tough cabinet coating finished with metal corners, ensure a long-lasting enclosure that will withstand heavy use and maintain its good looks over time.


The new NEO IV series incorporates custom Neodymium woofers designed and manufactured by GK. Die cast frames are used exclusively, delivering greater durability and power handling than the cheaper and more common stamped frame designs. The voice coils utilize edge wound aluminum ribbon wire, which compared to the more common round wire, makes a speaker that is far more efficient with greater power handling. The NEO IV also features a real crossover and a system to protect the horn from excessive power bursts.


This is the most advanced cabinet that Gallien-Krueger has ever released, building off of previous models and ensuring that every detail was looked at. GK custom designed their speakers and cabinets from the ground up to work together along with their heads to deliver the best possible performance for bass guitar.


  • TYPE: Bass Cabinet
  • CONFIGURATION: 1 x 12”
  • SPEAKERS: Custom Design and Manufactured by GK
  • HORN: Paragon Horn, 1” P-Audio High Frequency Compression Driver, 8 Ohm
  • POWER HANDLING: 112: 400 Watts, 115: 500 Watts, 210: 500 Watts, 212: 800 Watts, 410: 1000 Watts
  • IMPEDANCE: 112: 8 Ohms
  • Ohms, 410: 4 Ohms
  • INPUTS: 2 x SpeakON
  • CABINET TYPE: Ported
  • MATERIALS: Void Free Plywood, Steel Grill
    DIMENSIONS: 112: 18.71” x 19.12” x 14.70” 30.8 lbs