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Genzler Amplification Magellan Analog Bass Pre/DI Preamp & DI Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

The MAGELLAN® PRE is an all-analog full featured preamp pedal with a wide-range input gain control, 3-band equalization with sweepable mids, our unique foot switchable dual curve adjustable contour circuits, foot switchable mute circuit, aux input, headphone output, balanced/unbalanced main output and balanced XLR direct output. This compact, lightweight pedal brings all of the tone and versatility of our MAGELLAN series bass amplifier designs into a small pedal format.

The MG-PRE-PEDAL is also a great companion to our 4 ON THE FLOOR Classic Overdrive Pedal, CRASH BOX-4 Classic Distortion Pedal and RE/Q 5 band EQ + Filter Pedal.


  • Wide Range Input Circuitry
  • Input and Master Volume Controls
  • Variable High Pass Filter
  • Switchable Dual Contours (A & B)
  • Independent Contour Controls
  • Same Magellan 3 Band EQ w/Sweepable Mids
  • Signal mute
  • Preamp Output—Capable of driving a Separate Power Amp
  • Aux Input
  • Headphone Output
  • Studio Quality Direct Out Circuitry w/Pre or Post and GND Lift
  • Lightweight Aluminum Chassis Construction
  • Operates on any Power Supply Voltage: 9 – 18VDC, either Polarity (power supply not included)
  • Dimensions: 6” (152mm) W x  4.3” (110mm ) D  (w/ jacks)  x  2.5” (63mm) H  (w/ knobs and feet)
  • Weight: 1.1 lb (0.5kg)


  • DIMENSIONS: 6” (152mm) W x  4.3” (110mm ) D  (w/ jacks)  x  2.5” (63mm) H  (w/ knobs and feet)
  • WEIGHT: 1.1 lb (0.5kg)
  • POWER SUPPLY: 9VDC-18VDC (low noise type), either polarity, 80mA
  • POWER SUPPLY JACK: 2.1mm center pin with 5.5mm barrel (standard Boss pedal dimensions)
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY (nominal): -10dBu to -20dBu (instrument level)
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY (maximum):  >0dBu (9V supply), >+5dBu (12V supply), >+10dBu (18V supply)
  • HIGH PASS Filter Range: 25Hz – 120hz, 18dB/oct variable
  • EQ Filter Points:
    • LOW: +/-15dB shelving below 75 Hz
    • MID: +/-15dB peak-dip, between 150Hz – 2.8kHz
    • HIGH: +/-15dB shelving above 6kHz
  • PREAMP OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 1k ohm (unbalanced), 2k ohm (balanced)
  • PREAMP OUTPUT LEVEL (nominal): -10dBu to +4dBu (line level)
  • PREAMP OUTPUT LEVEL (unbalanced maximum): +8dBu (9V supply) +12dBu (12V supply), +16dBu (18V supply)
  • PREAMP OUTPUT LEVEL (balanced maximum): +14dBu (9V supply) +18dBu (12V supply), +22dBu (18V supply)
  • DIRECT OUTPUT LEVEL (balanced nominal): -30dBu (mic level)
  • DIRECT OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 2k ohm (balanced)
  • AUX INPUT LEVEL (nominal): -10dBu, stereo (sums to mono)
  • AUX INPUT LEVEL (maximum): +10dBu, stereo (sums to mono)
  • HEADPHONE OUTPUT: Drives headphones and IEM buds from 8 ohms -200 ohms, stereo output, mono signal path.  (Higher impedance headphones, such as 600 ohms, will result in less output and headroom.)