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Gemini Sound GMX Professional Dual-Channel Media Player


Manufacturer's Description

Built To Perform

With the GMX, Gemini brings you all the tools to move beyond mixing music and transform your performance dynamics. The GMX is a full-featured, two-channel media player with the added playback flexibility to play standalone or control your favorite DJ software. Its compact size coupled with its plug-and-play connectivity gives DJs the portability they always need, making it ideal for live performances, club DJing, house parties, and more. Offering all the features of a full-size professional player in a pro-grade build, the GMX is expertly designed for you to create new possibilities with confidence.

Stay Connected to Your Crowd

A high-contrast screen allows DJs to easily see the changes they’re making to each of their tracks and stay connected to their crowd.

Pro Media Player

High-resolution, touch-sensitive mechanical jog wheels allow DJs to achieve new levels of scratching, beat juggling, or finding track points.

Profound Precision Control

From pitch to tempo control or any other function, the GMX has high-resolution USB/MIDI data-stream which gives you over 16,380 possible level settings with every turn of a knob or jog wheel.

A Feature-Packed Player

Total standalone and feature-packed media controller GMX gives DJs an intuitive control over every form of playback. Spin your tracks from USB drive with direct playback from MP3, WAV, AAC, etc., and from your DJ software.