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Gator FrameWorks GFW-AV-LCD-2 Deluxe Tripod LCD/LED Stand


Gator FrameWorks GFW-AV-LCD-2 Deluxe Tripod LCD/LED Stand


Manufacturer's Description

Frameworks deluxe adjustable tripod LCD/LED stand with LiftEEZ Piston


The red safety rings on the feet add a touch of visibility in a dark room or venue to reduce the risk of tripping. Simply remove the rings for a sleek and more subtle presentation.


The universal VESA mount is designed so that it may stay mounted to the screen at all times for easy removal and replace on the fly. The mounting plate is pre-drilled to be compatible with both 100 x 100 and 200 x 200 VESA hole patterns.


Sturdy tripod feet branch out from the base for a solid stance. When you are not using your stands, conveniently fold and collapse the feet into a compact unit ready for transport or storage.


The patented LiftEEZ self-rising center tube piston allows you to effortlessly raise and lower the height of the screen. The hydraulic lift assist makes this perfect for one-person operations.


Your setup stays firmly planted by utilizing the built-in leg locks at the base of the stand. Simply fold into position once the tripod legs are extended for added stability and prevent toppling when screen is attached.


  • Deluxe Tripod Stand to Hold Screens Up to 48"
  • LiftEEZ Self-Raising Center Tube Piston Elevates Flat Panel Displays Up to 45 lbs
  • Legs Adjust for Precision Setup
  • Mix/Max Height (to center of VESA mount): 43/70" (1092/1778mm)
  • Comfortable Twist Knob to Secure Height Adjustments
  • Universal VESA Mount and Hardware Included for 100x100 to 200x200 Hole Patterns
  • Allows for Horizontal or Vertical Screen Orientation
  • Red, Removable Safety Trim on Feet
  • Cable Organization Clip Included
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Product Specifications (compact): 44"/1118mm (L) x 8.6"/218mm (W) x 8.6"/218mm (H). Weight: 18.2 lbs/8.3kg


  • Min Height: 50"
  • Max Height: 72"
  • Weight Capacity: 45
  • Ext Height: 80"
  • Weight: 16lbs