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Galaxy Audio PA6SR Ultra High Power One-Piece PA System/Powered Monitor with Built-In Receiver



  • Woofer: One Galaxy Audio SW6.5, 6.5" NEOLITE Neodymium Woofer

  • Tweeter: One ST1.5 ferro fluid cooled 1.5" NEOLITE Neodymium Titanium Dome Tweeter 

  • Nominal impedance: 4 ohms

  • Power handling capacity: 170 watts


  • Enclosure Materials: Fire retardant styrene

  • Color: Black 

  • Dimensions: 7.75" x 11.75" x 6.75" (197 mm x 298 mm x 171 mm)

  • Net weight: 6.4 lbs. (2.9 kg)


  • Rated Power: 170 watts @ 4 ohms, 180 watts Dymamic Power

  • Equalization: Three band center detent

  • Lo: ± 12 dB peak/dip at 200 Hz

  • Mid: ± 12 dB peak/dip at 2 kHz

  • Hi: ± 12 dB shelving at 10 kHz

  • Sensitivity (1 Watt @ 1 meter): 98 dB (1 kHz octave band)

  • Frequency response: 80 Hz–18 kHz

  • Maximum SPL @ clip: 118 dB

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% @ 4 ohms

  • Input connections: Two 1/4" Balanced/Unbalanced Two XLR 24V Phantom PWR One 1/8" Stereo Line In

  • Output connections: Two XLR Thru Outputs One 1/4" Preamp Output


  • Power Requirements; Domestic: 120 VAC 60Hz

  • Export: 230VAC 50Hz

  • Safeguards: Short circuit current limiting. Short circuit foldback limiting. Thermal short circuit protection

  • Wireless Reciver

  • Oscillation type: PLL synthesized control OSC

  • Adjustable frequency: Pre-programmed max. 96 switchable channels

  • Dynamic range: 110 dB

  • T. H. D.: Less than 0.5%

  • Squelch: Tone key and noise lock dual-squelch

  • Frequency response:70 Hz ~ 16 kHz (wireless)

  • Operating range: 160 - 230 feet (50 ~ 70 M) (open field) with built-in antenna

  • Antenna mode: Diversity

  • Sensitivity: 4µV @ 30 dB

  • Display status: LCD indicator displays channel or frequency

  • Channel select: SET, UP, DOWN keys

  • Carrier frequency range: 640 ~ 664 MHz

Manufacturer's Description

The PA6SR has all of the great features of the PA6S, plus a built in wireless receiver. The wireless option can be used in many ways:

1.) With a handheld mic or a body pack transmitter with a headset/lavalier mic. The PA6SR will receive signals from one of the optional transmitters. This is very convenient for performers, teachers, or A/V presentations.
2.) The receiver option may be used in conjunction with our AS-TXRM table top/rack mount transmitter. This allows a signal to be wirelessly transmitted to the PA6SR from a remote source.

Whether you are transmitting your church service to an overflow or cry room, a DJ needing to get sound in a remote location, transmitting your monitor mix to the stage, or using the receiver to pick up your wireless microphone signal, you will love the convenience of not having to run the extra cable to patch signals.

With over 30 years of building compact PA systems, Galaxy Audio built the PA6S/PA6SR with the user in mind. It is designed to cover a multitude of applications and provide the power to handle nearly any situation. A new amplifier, new 2 way speaker system, lighter weight, more power output, and great built in features make the PA6S the best sounding, lightest, and most powerful compact PA system on the market.


Amplifier/Pre Amp

The PA6SR has a built in 170 watt amplifier designed to handle the most demanding audio situations. This high tech Class D amplifier produces plenty of power to cover a wide variety of applications. This design allows the PA6SR to function both as a stand-alone PA system and as a high-powered vocal monitor to cut through loud stage volumes. For larger gigs that require more coverage, you may simply patch from the Preamp Output to the main house PA, while using the PA6SR as your onstage monitor.

The PA6SR also features a built in 18dB Compressor/Limiter circuit with Compressor and Clip LEDs. The Compressor acts to smooth out transient peaks in the signals, thus improving overall sound quality and increasing apparent volume. The Limiter helps protect the woofer and tweeter from being damaged by amplifier distortion. The Clip LED indicates when a reduction in volume is recommended.


  • The new PA6SR includes a wireless receiver and a convenient mic stand insert on the bottom of the unit. This allows a quick setup on top of a mic stand, with the PA6SR angled upward for accurate vocal monitoring.

  • The included mic stand adaptor insures a more stable and secure placement on any mic stand.

  • Molded-in bracket points. With the optional bracket assembly the PA6SR can be mounted to

    a wall or ceiling, or attached to a mic stand and angled in any direction.

  • Microphone boom mount on top of the PA6SR eliminates the need for a second mic stand for your

    microphone. (Requires optional hardware).

  • Integrated handle into the top of the enclosure.

  • Built in Compressor/Limiter prevents output distortion.

  • -20dB pad switches on each XLR input allow high-level signals without distortion.

  • 3 band EQ (High, Mid, Low) to adjust the sound to what you want to hear.

  • Pass through on each channel acts as a built in splitter to send signals to a mixer snake or another PA6S.

  • Two way speaker system: 6.5" neodymium high power woofer and 1.5" high efficiency Neolite tweeter

    allows for wider frequency response.

  • 170 watt Class D amplifier.

  • Light weight: Innovative speaker and amplifier designs actually allowed us to reduce the weight of
    the PA6SR from its predecessors, while improving the performance.