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FuzzHugger Algal Bloom v2 Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal with Choke Toggle and Blend - Amber

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  • Hand-wired in the US.
  • True-bypass switching.
  • 9v negative tip adapter power. (No batteries.)
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure. (4.7" x 3.7")
  • Lifetime warranty.

Manufacturer's Description

FuzzHugger Algal Bloom v2 Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal with Choke Toggle and Blend

The FuzzHugger Algal Bloom v2
The Algal Bloom is a harmonically rich, wide-range fuzz! From mellow to gritty overdrivey tones, to beautifully  thick fuzz, to crunch, crust, and throaty fuzz roars! V2 adds an all-new Choke toggle that turns the Algal Bloom  into a Harmful Algal Bloom, a raunchier mode that goes from dying to crusty, to crunchy, to whiplash! A new 3-
way filter toggle lets you smooth clipping and highs for ultimate control.

The Algal Bloom is known for its open tone and many chord-friendly settings, with fantastic definition and note- separation, even on high gain settings. The controls are uniquely interactive for incredible range. The pedal has a  unique sound and circuit, but also expands on some classic tones that fuzz enthusiasts will love. A workhorse of a  classicish, garagey, all-around capital F Fuzz.

The Controls

  •  Gain: Gain adjustment and clean-up! As you back it off, it cleans up your fuzz, also adding a hint of sputter and  fizzle. Hard right is full-on!
  •  Bloom (Fuzz): Expands and pushes your fuzz tone, adding gain, sustain, and definition. Hard right is maxed out...a  unique, throaty, brash-yet-full tone! 12   o'clock  is its "home setting," for thick fuzz tone!
  •  Power: Controls the flow of power to the circuit, altering response, heft, and gain (slight scratch is normal, as  circuit adjusts to voltage change).
  •  Level: Your master volume control.
  • The FuzzHugger Algal Bloom v2
  • Choke / HAB Toggle: the V2's new Choke toggle, letting   you dial in whiplash, crunch, crud, crust, dying, and dead.
  • Filter (3-way):
    •  Middle: the unfiltered Algal Bloom you know.
    •  Up: slightly smoothed highs, reducing clipping and fizz  activity from the highs.
    •  Down: smoothed and dampened.