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Fuchs Mantis 89 20W Guitar Amp Head Amplifier, 20-Watts, 800 and 900 Series, 6V6


Manufacturer's Description

The Fuchs Mantis 89 was intended to go into production in 2020. Due to COVID, its production and release was postponed. Currently, this is the only one available!

Hot off the presses, the all-new Mantis 20! Two channels of classic Marshall-styled tone done the Fuchs way. JCM800 and JCM900… We got you covered.

This new 6V6 tube amplifier combines the best of British tones from the past 40 years as a nod to the 800 and 900 series amplifiers.

The new Mantis 89 is a two channel amplifier with a gain boost and a full bass, middle, and treble tone stack. This British voiced series is a slight change of course for Fuchs Audio Technology who specialized in more American sounding amplifiers. Rest assured that Fuchs won't stop doing what it has always done. The new Mantis 89 will cover everything from "Plexi"-like gain to high-gain metal shredding tone.

20 Watt (6V6) and 50 Watt (EL34) heads are currently available. Both versions come with 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker outputs with universal AC power for any place on the globe. The Mantis 89 is CE and RoHS compliant.