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Fredenstein 500 Series Artistic MicPre SE Microphone Preamplifier

$99.00 $89.10
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Manufacturer's Description

This microphone preamplifier is the latest member of the Fredenstein Value Line of 500 series compatible products. The Artistic Pre SE features top of the line performance at a very affordable price. The key component to achieving this performance is the fully discrete gain structure and DI input. The Artistic MicPre SE is not a copy of an older design, but a completely new circuit manufactured in SMT technology.

A high impedance direct input is located on the front-panel, accepting balanced/unbalanced signals. The rear microphone input is automatically disconnected when a plug is inserted in the DI connector.


  • Max gain of 65 dB
  • -20dB Pad
  • Switchable Polarity
  • Low-Cut Filter
  • +48V Phantom Power
  • 8 LED Peak-Meter with 50dB range