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Fiio K5 Desktop Headphone Amplifier


Output Impedance H/O

<1 ohm

Max Output Power @ 16 ohm

>1.7 W

Max Output Power @ 32 ohm

>1.5 W

Max Output Power @ 300 ohm

>150 mW


>110 dB (AUX IN)


0.002% (1 kHz 32 ohm)

Frequency Response

20 Hz-20 kHz


0 dB / 6 dB / 12 dB


>70 dB (1 kHz)

Max Output Voltage

20 Vp-p


120 x 130 x 55mm

Outer Material

Titanium coloured brushed aluminium

Headphone Out

6.3 mm



Power Supply


Manufacturer's Description

The K5 is the latest docking station from FiiO. It is compatible with the X1, X3ii, X5ii and X7, as well as the E17K. With an 11pin micro USB port this allows you facilitate exclusive docking expansion functions such as amplifications and charging. The K5 allows further amplification of the X1, X3ii, X5ii and X7 and E17K’s signal by directly connecting them to the USB source, through the USB IN port. It received the decoded line signal through the dock for amplification. A USB DAC driver installation for X3ii/X5ii/X7/E17K is required (where applicable). The FiiO K5, as well as being a dock will allow for standard line inputs to be used for other source components. When a player is docked on the K5 it will also synchronise the on/off function, allowing you to turn both units off at once. 


  • 2 inputs available: AUX IN and FiiO dock input
  • High-quality Alps sealed audio potentiometer
  • Voltage amplification / buffer 2-stage amplification circuit
  • High efficiency, well regulated, low noise power transformer for exceptional transient response
  • Expandable docking function