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Fiio EX1 Aerospace Nanotech In-Ear Monitors


Manufacturer's Description

The diaphragm is the heart of the sound production facility of earphones, determining the sound quality of the earphones to a great extent. To product better sound, sound engineers have always been looking for a lighter yet stiffer material to transduce sound with less distortion. FiiO has discovered that titanium, a material more often found in aerospace engineering is very light, with high sound conduction speed, yet several times stiffer than steel. FiiO has been able to design a full-range dynamic driver around this material with breakup frequency above the audible range, thus ensuring clear, even high frequency reproduction. 

Nanotech Titanium Diaphragm Driver

Delivering even power response across frequencies and a natural yet energetic sound, the titanium diaphragm can handle high power without distortion while preserving exemplary transient response, unlike traditional dynamic driver diaphragms

Kevlar-Strengthened Cable

The EX1 headphone cable consists of 42 strands of high-purity OFC copper intertwined with 250D Kevlar fiber strands, ensuing superior sonics as well as great strain resistance and longevity. The outer sheathing is composed of medical-grade TPE for minimum micro-phonics and maximum compatibility (avoiding skin allergies)

Non-Resonating Metal Body

The metal body is designed to suppress resonances to the maximum extent, preserving the superior transient response of the nano-tech titanium diaphragms for lifelike reproduction of live sound

Ergonomic Offset Nozzle Design

With small rounded on-ear driver housings and shallow in-ear nozzles, ensuring the long-term wearing comfort

Complete Selection of Eartips

Correct selection of ear-tips is crucial for comfort and sound quality. The EX1 comes with several sets of ear-tips for different sizes and designs to let you find the best fit, both physically and sonically 


  • 13mm Nanotech Titanium Diaphragm Driver. Ergonomic Offset Nozzle Design
  • Highly Researched Duralumin/Stainless Steel Housing and Kevlar Reinforced OFC Cable
  • Sensitivity: 102dB/mW. Non-Resonating Metal Body
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 30 kHz
  • Includes 4 Sets of Ear-Tips and Protective Carrying Case