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EMG SA/SA/89 HSS Pickup Set w/ Humbucker & 2 Single Coil Active Pickups, Black


Manufacturer's Description

Back in the early 80's adding a humbucker pickup to a Strat™ took off. Since then we've added just about every conceivable combination you can think of, and they're all available factory pre-wired. The SA/SA/89 brings together the dual mode EMG 89 for a true humbucker and single coil in the bridge, along with two Alnico V loaded single coils pickups for the neck and middle positions giving players an extremely versatile set up. Once you've decided on the system you want, it can either be fully or partially assembled depending on your guitar and the sound you want. Since all EMG's use a solderless wiring system, you can change your pickups easily at any time without any soldering.