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Emerson Custom Concorde V2 Buffer Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • "Always on" (No on/off switch)   
  • Custom design   
  • White LED    
  • Side Mounted Audio & Power Jacks to save space    
  • Premium Audio Grade Capacitors & Components used throughout    
  • Each & Every Pedal is Hand-built, wired and tested in Bixby, Oklahoma USA    
  • Power: Standard 9-18V volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel, NO internal battery option.
  • Dimensions (includes jacks): 3.7" Long x 1.7" Wide x 1.3" Tall    
  • Current Draw: 10mA

Manufacturer's Description

Handbuilt in Bixby, Oklahoma USA using premium audio grade components to provide ultimate clarity and signal response. This utility pedal "buffers" your signal to bring back the clarity and high end sparkle of your input signal that is lost when you use a lot of pedals and/or have lots of cable between your guitar or bass, and your amp. This pedal is a tool that once you have on your rig you'll never wanna be without it. It can be run at 9-18v (18v for more headroom).

We recommend placing the Concorde Buffer as the first device in your signal chain. If you are using a vintage fuzz pedal such as a Fuzz Face® or Tone Bender® we recommend placing the Concorde after those devices to retain their character and relationship with your instrument's electronics.