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DR Veritas Coated Core Technology Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light 12-54, 3-Pack


Manufacturer's Description

DR Strings Veritas Coated Core Technology Acoustic Guitar Strings: Light 12-54

VERITAS™ Acoustic Guitar Strings maintain their tone, tuning stability and intonation thanks to our Coated Core Technology™, a process of coating the round core wire, which locks the wrap wire in place and extends string life by protecting the core from corrosion. A phosphor bronze wrap wire delivers a traditionally bright tone and natural feel. All VERITAS™ sets include both standard plain steel AND Xenon Power-Plain™ strings, which have increased output to balance with the wound strings.


1) Coated Core Technology delivers extended life

2) The coating compresses under the wrap wire, increasing tuning stability and intonation

3) A Phospor Bronze Wrap Wire delivers exceptional brightness and flexibility

Gauges: 12, 16, 24, 32, 42, 54 Light

Specification Statement: Round Core Wire on a Ball End with a Phosphor Bronze Wrap Wire