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Dr. Blankenstein Illumiringer V1.5 Overdrive, Ring Modulator Guitar Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

The Illumiringer V1.5 is a 2-stage hybrid pedal with a gain pre stage (based off an Ibanez TS-808 and option for TS9 circuit) with controls for gain ("Jedi"), Tone, and Level which can be used on its own or drive the Illumiringer side, a light/motion-controlled ring modulatorwhich has controls for  "Sith" and level (the knob on the right fo the box). The Illumiringer side can also be used on its own without having the gain pre on.

You also have four options to control the Illumiringer side:

  • The Sith knob.

  • Expression pedal (insert into the "Touch" jack on back of the box).

  • A theremin-like photo eye sensor accessed by hitting on the "Selector" stomp switch in the middle.

  • Or plugging in the touch-sensitive cable (included, goes from 1/4" to two touch-sensitive alligator clips) into the "Touch" jack to use whatever conductive objects (especially metal) as a controler for the Illumiringer parameter!

Watch Dr. Blankenstein's demo video for more information and to get a taste of what this pedal is capable of!

More info from Dr. Blankenstein:



This is the FOURTH  publicly available version of  the new pedal ever offered.  There has been some VERY EXCITING CHANGES to  the pedal from Version 1.4 to 1.5.  For starters there is now a  ILLUMIRINGER volume knob located on the right side of the pedal.  This  allows you to perfectly balance the volume levels of your normal true bypass  guitar tone.. the gain pre of the pedal AND the ILLUMIRINGER (VERY COOL  ADDITION!)

BUT probably even more exciting is... for the first time EVER...  a pedal  that will achieve BOTH the Ibanez TS-9 and TS-808 distortions!  Included in  this auction is two swap-able gain modules.  Just open up the top, pop out  the module and put the replacement in the same place.. DONE!  You have  turned your TS808 into a TS9 (and vise versa).  AND as an added Bonus you  will also get a custom made Dr. Blankenstein Germanium Diode Distortion Module,  for a distortion character not found in any other pedal.

Last but not least... I changed the LEDs from the last version of the Star Wars  pedal to the largest ... brightest GREEN AND RED LEDs money could buy ;)   These suckers are BRIGHT! Really adds an amazing ambience to the area around the  pedal when playing with the motion sensor and changing settings (it lights up  your entire foot! lol).

Also coming with the pedal is a custom Dr. Blankenstein touch sensitive cable,  and 9V Power supply.. 

I didn't have a chance to make  a new demo video yet... so you will have to check out the old one for the time  being.  WARNING.. it is long..  use the sections shortcuts below to  jumps around and check it all out (or for the brave... watch the entire thing).   Please note before watching..  again, this is the VERSION 1.5 .. NOT 1.4.   Meaning it has the swap-able distortion modules, extra volume knob and HUGE LEDS. 




- BONUS! Dr. Blankenstein Custom Germanium Diode Clipping Module (totally new dist. character!)


-ILLUMIRINGER Ring Modulator / Pitch Shifter Effect


-3 Stomp Switches (both effects can be activated individually and / or together)


-Expression Pedal / Touch Cable Input


-Touch Sensitive Force Cable INCLUDED!


(Never before seen guitar pedal control feature!)


-Motion / Light Force Sensor (also can be turned On and Off from Stomp Switches, the middle one)


-Gain Control Knobs (3 of them) for Level, Tone and Volume


-ILLUMIRINGER Effect Control Knob


-ILLUMIRINGER Volume Balance Knob (NOT featured on the previous Version 1.4)


-1/4" Input / Output (PEDAL IS WIRED 100% TRUE BYPASS, doesn't not change original tone)


-HUGE.. BRIGHT Green (Jedi or Distortion) and Red (Sith or ILLUMIRINGER) effect Power LEDS


-9V Power Adapter Powered (INCLUDED!)


-Original PCB Design / Etching


-Quality / Professional build