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Dr. Blankenstein Illumiringer V1.5 Ed Seeman Edition Overdrive, Ring Mod


Manufacturer's Description

The Illumiringer V1.5 is a 2-stage hybrid pedal with a gain pre stage (based off an Ibanez TS-808) with controls for gain ("Jedi"), Tone, and Level which can be used on its own or drive the Illumiringer side, a light/motion-controlled ring modulatorwhich has controls for  "Sith" and level (the knob on the right fo the box). The Illumiringer side can also be used on its own without having the gain pre on.

You also have four options to control the Illumiringer side:

  • The Sith knob.

  • Expression pedal (insert into the "Touch" jack on back of the box).

  • A theremin-like photo eye sensor accessed by hitting on the "Selector" stomp switch in the middle.

  • Or plugging in the touch-sensitive cable (included, goes from 1/4" to two touch-sensitive alligator clips) into the "Touch" jack to use whatever conductive objects (especially metal) as a controler for the Illumiringer parameter!

Watch Dr. Blankenstein's demo video for more information and to get a taste of what this pedal is capable of!