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Dr. Blankenstein Endeavour Space Line Generator


Manufacturer's Description

We are excited to finally be showing this BEAST off to the world!  What we have here is a 10 Step Sequencer of sorts.  The reason for the "sorts" is there is no external or internal sync... this unit was designed for stand alone use.  There is another completely different sequencer in the works as well... designed to play nice with other control voltage gear, but for now we generate SPACE LINES! The Endeavour is equipped with three independent control sections, SPEED, PITCH and FILTER.  Each control section can be controlled via Knob, Light Sensor or Touch Points!  What we are left with at the end.. is a machine that will ALWAYS create new and exciting sounds...  not something you can get board of playing with very quickly (that's for darn sure).  It's a sample artists or live experimental music performers dream come true.  Check out the video below for a full on demonstration / explanation.