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Demonic Machines The Little Demon Fuzz & Octave Guitar Effects Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

The Little Demon is a brutal octave fuzz that will make your mama cry because you don't go to church no more. Each machine carries the signal-destroying power of a classic muff fuzz and a wild, clanging octave fuzz slammed together to raise the voices of the damned with your guitar.

We started with the NYC Reissue Big Muff (designed by the legendary Fran Blanche), beefed up the tone control, and added a green-ringer-style octave circuit.

The Little Demon has eight controls.


Engage simultaneously or independently of each other.

  • DRIVE (muff style circuit)
  • OCTAVE (green-ringer style circuit)

TOGGLE Switch:

  • Swap the order of the muff and the octave circuit.


  • VOLUME adjusts the volume.
  • BODY gives a boost in the upper-midrange.
  • SPIRIT controls the brightness and darkness of the fuzz signal.
  • SUSTAIN controls the amount of gain on the muff.
  • OCTAVE blends the octave with your signal.

The Little Demon is designed for use with a 9VDC power supply. Using a non-isolated power supply can result in extra noise in the circuit.