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Disaster Area PBA-2 Single Mono Pedalboard Junction Box, Black


Manufacturer's Description

The PBA-2 Mono Junction Box is a passive jack module for your pedalboard.

Consisting of four high-quality isolated jacks, the PBA-2 can serve in a variety of signal routing applications.

The PBA-2 is small enough to mount underneath the angle of most Pedaltrain boards (including PT-Jr, PT-1 / 2 / 3, PT-Pro, PT Novo series, and PT Classic series) to allow for a convenient input or output point.

Connect a pedalboard patch cable between your first pedal and the PBA-2, and then you can plug in your instrument cable directly to your board saving valuable setup time.

Put two PBA-2 boxes on your board for input and output patch points.

Both tip and ring connectors are wired through on the PBA-2, so it can also serve as a connection for an expression pedal or stereo patch cable.


  • 3.6″ x 1.5″ x 1.2″ (92mm x 38mm x 31mm)
  • Passive design, no power supply or batteries required
  • High-quality Neutrik jacks
  • Die-cast aluminum enclosure
  • Tip-ring-sleeve wired through on each jack, suits mono or stereo use