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Digitech Supernatural Ambient Stereo Reverb

This product has been discontinued.

We have discontinued this product permanently. Please find alternative products from below section.

Player's Perspective

The Supernatural starts with the best Plate reverb we have ever heard. If that’s not for you, switch over to the "Plate Mod" setting to add an idyllic layer of chorus. "Shimmer" evokes the mysteries of the heavens with upward cascading reverb into truly ethereal octave shifts. "Shine" is thick reverb with lush chorus and a hint of pitch shifting. "Supernova" is boundless reverb shining with the brilliance of flange and just a subtle trace of pitch shifting. "Pherb" uses the Lexicon® Hall reverb flavored with a tasteful hint of phasing.

Overall Condition

This DigiTech Supernatural Ambient Stereo Reverb is in brand new pristine mint condition with no nicks, scratches or blemishes.


  • DigiTech Supernatural Ambient Stereo Reverb
  • Plate Reverb - The classic studio reverb heard on countless hit records
  • Plate Reverb Mod - Plate reverb sweetened with chorus
  • Shimmer Reverb - Ethereal reverb with cascading octave shifts
  • Supernova - Deep space reverb with twisting flange and pitch-shifting
  • Shine - Shimmer reverb with a thick lush chorus added
  • Pherb - Rich Lexicon Hall reverb with a hint of phasing
  • Spring - The unmistakable classic ‘surf ’ reverb
  • Stomplock Knob Guard
  • Pedal Switch Glow Sticker