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Devi Ever FX Eye of God Photo Eye Controlled Feedback Loop Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

This is a fucking feed back loop with a photo eye that controls the loop’s intensity. It makes your delays run away like a potential murder victim trying to escape from pure evil. It resonates your modulation pedals into the realm of police sirens as the murderer runs down the cold morning streets towards escape. It creates powerful oscillation in high gain fuzz, overdrive, and distortion devices… to drive away the demons perhaps? Just like the camera eyes that are everywhere now, the Eye of God stares back at you, waiting for you to show it the light, or cover it in darkness… which of course changes the intensity with which is pounds away the signal coming and going into the device. For being completely passive (the only power needed is for the indicator LED) it is an incredible beast… using the basic principles of sonic electronics to use what is already there to bring about the SECRET LANGUAGE OF MACHINES ARGUING WITH THEMSELVES.