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Dean Markley ProMag Grand Gold, Acoustic Pickup


Player's Perspective

The new ProMag Gold™ is one sweet pickup! A patented Zero-Hum humbucking coil and special magnet structure—all that teamed up with Dean's "Hot B-Fix," the award winning double-shielded, super low-noise cable make the ProMag Gold a must play pickup.

This super low capacitance cable is terminated with a beautiful Solderless 24 Ct. Gold Plated jack that makes the ProMag Gold™ humbucking pickup one of, if not the, finest of magnetic acoustic pickups in our known Universe. (And we've sent scouts out checking it all out!)

Plug in a ProMag Gold™ and watch out! You're going to hear what pickups are all about!



  • Solderless 1/4" gold jack
  • Installs in seconds
  • No drilling or modifications required
  • Award-winning double-shielded, super low-noise cable