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DDrum Vinnie Paul 8x14 Signature Series 8-Ply Maple Snare Drum w/ Diecast Hoops


Manufacturer's Description

Large and in charge, the Vinnie Paul signature snare takes a maple wood snare to its tonal extreme. Crafted from 8 plies of North American maple, this snare delivers a thunderous punch to the chest, with a high caliber crack on top. 10 double sided turret lugs combined with the die cast hoops to add tuning stability and provide a solid rim shot sound. Available for its initial run in a special Delmar dragon wrap with chrome shell hardware to complement and enhance any finish kit to which it is added. Premium carrying case completes this heavy hitting package.

Product Details:

  • 8x14 8 ply North American Maple shell
  • Diecast hoops
  • Special Vinnie Paul Dragon wrap made by Delmar
  • 10 double sided ddrum turret lugs
  • Special synthetic leather bag included
  • 45 degree inner and 30 degree outer bearing ege with slight round over
  • Evans drum heads included
  • Premium snare throw off


  • Item ID: VP SD 8X14 DRGN LTD
  • Finish: Custom Dragon Wrap Finish
  • Wood Configuration: North American Maple
  • Lug Type: Double sided turret lug
  • Hoop Spec: Die Cast
  • Plys Snare Drum: 8
  • Bearing Edge Spec: 45 degree inner 30 degree outer