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ddrum SE Flyer 4-Piece Drum Set Shell Pack w/ 14x18 Bass Drum, White Pearl


Manufacturer's Description

The SE Flyer was given a facelift for 2022, bringing all the features to this kit that drummers have been asking for. ddrum has upgraded the bass drum spurs to gull wing style, allowing for quick set-up and tear down while bringing a classic look to the kit. The isolation mounts on the mounted toms have been removed to further add to the classic look and sound. Also, the double tom holder has been re-designed to be more compact, more versatile, and significantly more reliable. ddrum utilizes this reliability by adding a cymbal boom arm for quick and easy cymbal placement. This year weve also added a new snare throw off, floor tom leg memory locks, rubber grommets on all metal to shell points, and a new badge. The ddrum SE Flyer is the perfect choice when a real compact kit is whats needed. The original SE Flyer comes in a classic Bop configuration, featuring a 14x18 Bass Drum, 8x12 Mounted Tom, 14x14 Floor Tom, and 5.5x14 Snare Drum.

Product Details:

  • 8x12 Rack tom
  • 14x14 Floor tom
  • 14x18 Bass drum
  • 5.5x14 Snare drum
  • Shell Pack only. Cymbals and stands sold separately.


  • Item ID: SEF P 418 WP
  • Finish: White Pearl Wrap
  • Wood Configuration: Poplar
  • Lug Type: Single Point Round
  • Hoop Spec: 1.6 MM Triple Flanged
  • Plys Tom: 6
  • Plys Bass Drum: 8
  • Plys Snare Drum: 8
  • Bearing Edge Spec: 45 degree
  • Suspension Mount Type: Direct to Shell Mount
  • Kit Configuration: SE Flyer 4pc Shell Pack White Pearl
  • Includes bass drum lift
  • Natural lacquer wood hoops on the bass drum
  • Coated Remo UT drum heads
  • Tom mount with Tom arm and Boom Arm