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ddrum DD1M RS Kit Electronic Drum Module and Red Shot Triggers


Manufacturer's Description

The DD1M RS KIT makes it easy to augment your acoustic drums with electronic capability! It combines the DD1M drum module with five Redshot drum triggers.

With 30 editable onboard kits, you can go from a rock groove to a Carribbean beat - or a custom groove - with a simple push of a button. If you are considering adding electronic pieces to your acoustic kit, or adding triggers to them, you really need a DD1M drum module.


  • Dual Outputs

  • Auxiliary In

  • Headphone Jack

  • On Board ClickTrack

  • On Board Metronome

  • MIDI out

  • Editable Reverb and Gain

  • 30 Onboard kits

Nine Inputs

  • Kick Drum

  • Tom 1

  • Tom 2

  • Tom 3

  • Snare Drum

  • Ride Cymbal

  • Crash Cymbal

  • Hi Hat Cymbals

  • Hi Hat Controller