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Cusack Music Pedal Cracker Mic Effects Loop Pedal w/ Wet & Dry Output

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Manufacturer's Description

The Cusack Music Pedal Cracker was created to allow anyone with an XLR microphone output to use standard stompbox pedals. It was inspired by vocalists, keyboardists, horn players and percussionists alike who've desired the ability to have the control and versatility that guitar and bass players have long possessed. The Pedal Cracker enables them to now incorporate any pedal they desire into a pedalboard of their own allowing complete control, with some added functionality from its' assignable momentary footswitch . Simply plug into the Pedal cracker via the XLR input, connect the pedal board through the 1/4"" input and output jacks, and you have a low noise buffered effects loop which is incorporated back into the XLR output of the Pedal Cracker. From live performance to studio applications, the Pedal Cracker is a useful tool to have!

  • Wet signal volume
  • Dry signal volume
  • Gain
  • 3-way toggle to select between trails, normal, and pre-send modes. This switch selects the status of the send and return, which, in conjunction with the momentary footswitch, allows the user a variety of creative options.
  • Recessed switches for ground lift and 48V phantom power
  • 9V center negative power supply (please use included adapter)


  • Standard center negative 9V DC Linear power supply-preferably regulated. (please use included power supply)
  • Current draw: ~54mA
  • 4.7"" L x 3.69"" W x 1.37"" H