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Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

The P&C has two stages. There is a preamp, the gain of which is set by the Drive control. This is heard by itself when the Mix control is fully Left. This stage is followed by a special Wave-shaper circuit, which can be heard by itself with the Mix set to full.

The ‘Gtr’ setting rolls off some treble between the preamp side (Mix left) and the special wave-shaper side. The Bass setting rolls off treble also, but starting at a lower frequency. You will hear what this is doing by setting the Drive to minimum and the Mix to full. It reduces the natural guitar / bass overtones a bit so the harmonics are mostly coming from the wave-shaper circuit. It can also be useful to back off the tone control on your guitar or bass for an even more pronounced effect.

The new position on the switch..’Limit’ is a variation of the Bass setting which also reduces the headroom between the Preamp and Waveshaper, so that the maximum harmonic effect is held at a certain level. You can best hear the effect of this with full Mix, and a lot of Drive.

Sometimes running a compressor/sustainer before the P&C can achieve a similar effect, and would be even more versatile.

You could also try the P&C after a Tremelo..or a Volume pedal..and of course your guitar volume control has the same effect as backing off the Drive.

The Contour switch just borrows some low frequency from the Preamp side, and mixes it back in with the Wave-shaper side. Once again, only really noticeable with full Mix setting. With high Drive settings, you get mostly Harmonics, in fact backing off the Mix a bit could make this even more apparent. Switching the Contour to ‘Deep’ lets you hear some low frequency underneath.

This is really only noticeable with a system like a bass rig or monitors with a good low end response.

The ‘Wide’ setting lets mid bass through as well.

Have fun with your P&C!