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CopperSound Gravity Bomb Mini Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

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A fully neutral op-amp booster.

Newton’s First law meets the second World War

This mini boost is the reincarnation of our discontinued Smoke Monster. There are a lot of great mini boost pedals out there, but we wanted to do ours a little different. Instead of using transistors, we utilized a studio grade op-amp capable of adding around 20dB. At zero, Gravity Bomb is a buffer. At 10, it shakes the coins in your pocket. Towards the end of the dial, a combination of natural amp and pedal drive will be heard. Running the pedal at 18 volts will yield greater headroom and keep the signal cleaner throughout the entire dial. Amp and pedal distortion amounts will vary depending on rig set-ups.


8 O'Clock to 10 O'Clock - Buffer: At zero, It's your hero. A strong, noticeable buffer, able to combat and cable capacitance and allow for extra clarity.

10 O'Clock to 2 O'Clock - Take Off: The wheels go up between 10 and 2 o'clock, and a modest to average volume boost becomes present.

2 O'Clock to 4 O'Clock - Flight: From 2 to 4 o'clock is where this eagle shines. A strong amount of volume will blast whatever follows in it's path.

4 O'Clock - Turbulence: When maxed out. you have the ability to devastate the amp that lies before you. *Please devastate responsibly.*

Power Requirements:

9V - 18V. Standard 5.1mm x 2.2mm center negative power supply. At 18V, greater headroom is achieved throughout the dial.