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Carl Martin PlexiTone Vintage Series Pedal

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Player's Perspective

Music Store Live is proud to present this Carl Martin PlexiTone Vintage Series Pedal! The new PlexiTone from Carl Martin sports some of the most natural sounding, dynamic distortion we've heard from a pedal. Exactly like the original revered "Pro Series" PlexiTone but with a tad more mid range and a much more pedal board friendly design, this is one of those rare pedals that actually follows through on the promise of "tube-like" gain. The sound is spot on for everything from light grit to heavy distortion, but the tone still "breathes" with this pedal. All of those beautiful harmonic subtleties that really set goods tube amps apart are alive and well in this one little pedal. This pedal runs on 9 volts, but the signal gets converted to 12 internally, so you get a bit more life in your tone. A great pedal for anyone who needs a simple, straight-ahead distortion pedal that sounds like the real thing.

Overall Condition

This Carl Martin PlexiTone is in brand new pristine mint condition with no nicks, scratches or blemishes of any kind.


  • Carl Martin PlexiTone Vintage Series Pedal
  • Authentic Plexi-Style Distortion
  • Knobs: Level/Drive/Tone
  • Power: 9V Adapter

Our in house guitar tech has inspected, tested, and cleaned all of our instruments on site prior to shipping. All of our instruments are guaranteed to be fully functional upon arrival.