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DW Collectors Series 3/3/3 4-Piece Drum Kit, 22/13/16 w/ 14" Snare, Seafoam Aqua

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DW Collectors Series 3/3/3 4-Piece Drum Kit, 22/13/16 w/ 14" Snare, Seafoam Aqua


Manufacturer's Description

The California Custom Shop is like no other custom drum workshop on Earth. Starting with only select, responsibly harvested woods, a variety of shells configurations are crafted to order. Choose from "Pure" wood shells such as North American Hard Rock Maple, Rotary-Cut Cherry, Heartwood Birch, Red Oak, or Hybrid Shell Collector's Series® options such as Maple & Mahogany and Cherry & Mahogany. Hybrid Poplar & Maple (DW Classics™), Maple & Gumwood (DW Jazz Series™) and Bamboo & Birch (Eco-X Project™) are also available.
Add to that, a wide array of Grain Orientation possibilities that deliver a wider overall tonal range, enhanced low-end punch, and an unmatched selection of custom diameters and depths, to design the ultimate sonically-customized dream kit.

Alterations in grain direction greatly influence sound. In a VLT™ shell, the outermost and innermost plies run vertically, rather than a traditionally horizontal configuration. The vertical grain places less tension on the shell, thus allowing it to vibrate more freely, resulting in a lower fundamental pitch. From VLT technology, 333 was born. This 9-ply VLT evolution also has no reinforcement hoops and produces a lower overall tone while still maintaining maximum resonance and attack, 333™ shells can be customized in any Collector's Series® Pure tone wood: Maple, Birch, Mahogany, Cherry and Purpleheart.


  • 4-Piece Kit
    • 9x13
    • 16x16
    • 6.5x14
    • 14x22
  • Lacquer Specialty Seafoam Aqua Finish
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Maple 3/3/3 Shells
  • 4-Piece Kit