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Browne Amplification The Carbon V2 Transparent Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

The Carbon is an overdrive pedal inspired by a legendary "blue" circuit loved by many all over the world.  We took the original and obsessively tweaked it to address some of the issues we had with the original design.

While this pedal originated as the “blue side” of the Protein Dual Overdrive, it is now available as a standalone pedal. This “blue” pedal has been a favorite of many all over the world and is an incredibly versatile overdrive pedal allowing an incredible amount of drive options from clean boost all the way to screaming overdrive lead tones.

The Carbon V2 features the addition of a HIGH-CUT toggle. The High-Cut allows you to tame just the right amount of those airy highs in a way that makes stacking two Carbons or a Carbon with the Blue Side of the Protein, a beautiful thing.  It also tames some of the chime and increases flexibility when stacking or using brighter amps.

The center position is the OG, unaltered Carbon. Swiping left produces a subtle high cut, flip it all the way to the right and you have a slightly more dramatic reduction in the highest frequencies.

The higher you have the gain set, the brighter the Carbon will be. If you happen to be running the gain on the higher side, you may find yourself dialing back the tone control. This is normal! The Carbon V2 has massive output potential which will give you the ability to turn the drive way down and use it as a clean boost.

In addition to the Hi-Cut toggle, the Carbon V2 comes with an adjustable startup state soft switch. Hold down the soft switch on powerup for 10 seconds and the LED light will flash three times, indicating that the start-up state has switched from on to off, or off to on.