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Bogner Goldfinger Superlead 45W Guitar Amplifier Handwired Tupe Head, 6V6


Manufacturer's Description

The Goldfinger is a two channel vintage voiced electric guitar amplifier with the flexibility associated with Bogner. Each channel, one called Alpha, the other Omega, features multiple controls and switches to customize the sound to your personal preference.
The combination of the channels with the availability of a pre and post effects loop makes this amplifier a Guitar System which let's you route your guitar signal as needed without downloading the original audio signal.

The post effects loop is the more common found loop between pre amp and power amp. The loop can be operated in series or parallel and has a level switch to be set accordingly to the effects unit used. Parallel mode lets you mix your effects via a control to the pure dry signal. Series takes the entire dry signal and routes it through your effects unit, series can also be used as a volume boost.

The pre effects loop is unique and a first in amplifier designs. Actually not a first for Reinhold, in 1995 he designed and produced a 60 unit run of the hand wired Caveman Amplifier which featured a tube buffered pre effects loop. While this loop worked well and served its purpose for the 100% pure sound you still had to plug the guitar directly in to the amps channel inputs. After rethinking the problem Reinhold came up with the a new pre loop design which is featured for the first time in the Goldfinger. The problem is solved, if the pre loop is not engaged the amplifier will only see the guitar straight without going through any switches or relais. This means if your guitar is plugged straight into the Goldfingers input and any other effect pedals, units, loopers, routers etc... you would normally use between guitar and amplifier are hooked up to the loop of the Goldfingers you have a 100% pure guitar tone. Please note there is no buffer circuit involved whether the loop is on or off. This means if you do like your signal buffered through your pedals you would need to use an external unit just like you would with any other amp.


  • 2 Channel Tube Amplifier 
  • Individual tube boost circuits for each channel
  • Tube-buffered series or parallel Post FX-Loop
  • Long tank spring reverb
  • α Ch.: Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain & Loudness controls, Bright & Deep switches
  • α boost with level control
  • Ω Ch.: Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain EQ, Gain & Loudness controls,
  • Ω 68/77/80 gain voicing switch, pre amp fat switch
  • Ω boost with gain & volume controls, tight mode switch
  • Full and low output power switch
  • Functions on footswitch: α/Ω ch. select, α boost, Ω boost, reverb, post-fx
  • 45W 6V6 power amp section
  • ½ Output Power Mode – 4 Step- from 45W to 15W