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Bergantino Forté HP2 1200-Watt Lightweight Class D Bass Amp Head


Manufacturer's Description

The Forté HP2 – Hyper-Powered Lightweight Bass Amplifier

The Bergantino forté HP2 is a power-packed, highly customizable, modern marvel of Class D bass amplification created with the gigging bassist in mind. This lightweight and portable unit (weighing in at 6.5lbs) delivers a remarkable 1200 watts of power with unprecedented clarity and articulation. From deep and rich lows, to warm and cutting mids, to ever-present and defined highs, the new iteration of this series now offers an additional 3dB of dynamic headroom for even more impact on your lowest notes and every frequency on your fretboard.
The forté HP2 allows players to dial in their ideal tone with meticulous precision given the easy-to-use controls on the face of the unit including a 4-band EQ, Variable low-pass (Vlpf) and high-pass (Vhpf) filters, Gain, Drive, Punch, Bright, and Mute. Additionally, you can enable the use of an optional rechargeable Bluetooth footswitch that controls the onboard filters and mutes the amp from up to 30 feet away. You can also update and upgrade the firmware via the front-panel USB port. These thoughtful and encompassing design innovations are part of what make Jim Bergantino’s most powerful amp creation the ideal tool for every bassist.
Offering unparalleled headroom, razor sharp clarity, and the power to move air and let your notes be felt, the Bergantino forté HP2 is the ultimate amp for every player looking to take their tone to the next level.


  • User adjustable, parallel compression.
  • Drive Circuit: Goes from Soft Clip “purr” to mix shredding distortion. Featuring our new proprietary B.S.D. (Bergantino Smart Drive) technology.
  • Variable Low-Pass (VLPF) and Variable High-Pass (VHPF) filters, critical for precise tone shaping and taming of the most challenging gigging environments.
  • An additional 3dB of dynamic headroom.


  • 4-Band Tone Controls: Bass: +/-10db @65hz, Lo-Mid: +/-10db @250hz, Hi-Mid: +/-10db @ 1khz, Treble: +/-10db @ 3.5khz
  • Bright Switch: Selectable between 2 kHz @ +6db and 7 kHz @ +8db.
  • Punch Switch: +4 dB @100 Hz.
  • Auxiliary Input and Headphone Jack: for personal monitor and practice.
  • Bluetooth Foot-Switchable features including Drive, Punch, Bright, and Mute.
  • Software Upgradable via front USB port.
  • Rack Mountable with optional rack ears
  • Effects send and return loop
  • Studio quality Direct Output: software selectable Pre or Post EQ
  • UPS – Universal power supply 115VAC – 240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Section: 600W @ 8 ohms, 1200W RMS @ 4-Ohms, 1200W RMS @ 2-Ohms
  • Dimensions: 13.25” W x 8.375” D x 3.75” H
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs.