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Bartolini Pickups HR3-3AP-918 2 Band NTBT Active/Passive Preamp, 3 Pots – HR-3.3


Preamp Module Size:

  • 1.76" [44.7mm] Long
  • 1.02" [25.9mm] Wide
  • 0.54" [13.7mm] Thick
  • Operating Voltage: 9V or 18V - Prewired for 9V. An additional battery clip is included for 18V wiring.
  • Mid: Center@400Hz

Manufacturer's Description

The NTBT is a 2-band tone control preamp with fully independent Bass and Treble controls. The voice is clear, transparent, and strong with wide boost and cut range for aggressive control. The NTMB+F features an adjustable gain which allows you to boost the input signal up to 12dB while maintaining flat frequency response.

A professionally pre-wired and fully pre-tested harness saves the time and aggravation of wiring your preamp and pots into your instrument. Wired with our pro-level preamp and premium audio-quality pots and switches, you’ll have smooth control and be ready for years of rugged use. We include battery clips and an output jack for quick installation. All the pots are grounded with a wire that can be connected to the cavity shield or simply cut away if not needed in your installation. Everything is pre-soldered with pro-quality pure copper wire that is double tin plated and protected with semi-rigid insulation so it won’t flop around in the cavity or degrade over time. We use only professional lead-free solder with non-corrosive flux. Knobs are a personal choice, so they are not included with the harness - except where there is a stacked (concentric) pot, we include a ring knob and center knob since they are not as common.

Gain Control

The in-cavity gain trimmer lets you adjust the output level of your instrument. This lets you match output levels from several instruments for consistent response from level-sensitive effects
Gain: 0-12dB

Bass Control

Boost or cut your low frequencies up to 5 times the flat signal. The bass frequency is great for E, B, and low F# strings.
Bass: +/-15dB@30Hz

Treble Control

Boost or cut your high frequencies to brighten or darken your tone. The NTBT gives you a constrained control range for precise voice adjustment.
Treble: +/-16dB@6KHz