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Avantone Pro Planar the II Reference-Grade Open-Back Headphones with Planar Drivers, Creme


Manufacturer's Description

No details left behind.

With Planar the II, we started with our best and made it better.

Planar the II represents the sum total of our experience in meeting the demands of music professionals. You’ll hear the air and breath in every vocal, the long decays of shimmering reverb tails, and tight, punchy bass that hits hard without being over-hyped. And thanks to their surprisingly low weight, they’ll stay comfy for long-haul mix sessions.

When the critical details of your music matter most, you and your sounds both deserve the audiophile-grade quality of Planar the II. They’re the perfect solution for mix engineers, musicians, podcasters, live-streamers, and hi-fi enthusiasts.

The Planar driver difference.

Planar drivers offer an incredible set of advantages over traditional moving coil drivers. Amazing accuracy, high-end detail, clarity, natural bass, and response time.

Traditional moving coil drivers use a magnetic field to push/pull the driver in one direction and rely on the surround’s elasticity to return the driver to the neutral position. Planar drivers utilize a matrix of neodymium magnets that both push and pull from both sides of its incredibly thin, ultralight diaphragm across its entire surface area.

This way, force applied to the diaphragm is distributed in a symmetric fashion, producing a broad wavefront with very little harmonic distortion and incredibly fast response time. And because Planars use front and rear magnets to apply equal force in both directions, you hear a much more natural sound with less distortion when compared to traditional, single-magnet
dynamic designs that only push — they don’t pull.

Headphones for today’s music creator.

We didn’t sacrifice the need for comfort when designing Planar the II. They’re even more lightweight than the classic Planar, and cozy ear pads stay comfortable during long-haul mix and listening sessions.

Planar the II employs a perfectly tuned open-back architecture, designed to eliminate the pressure build-up, acoustic resonance, and frequency curve typical of closed-back headphones, further ensuring that your music is represented as accurately as possible.

Planar the IIs also include a high-grade, removable, 2-meter, noise-free 3.5 mm cable that can be plugged into either side to suit your workflow or handedness. Planar the II also ships in an eco-friendly shoulder bag with room for your accessories — and even a pouch for the cable.

Available in red, black, and creme.


  • High-definition planar driver technology outperforms typical dynamic headphone designs, providing an uncompromised, natural sound
  • Low distortion, fast response, and flat frequency response for more precision and accuracy when monitoring and mixing
  • Over the ear, open-back, and extremely lightweight design for greater comfort during long mix sessions
  • Low impedance and amplifier requirements for better use with recording interfaces, hi-fi systems, or mobile devices.
  • Extremely wide frequency response from 30 Hz to 30 kHz.
  • High-grade, removable, noise-free 3.5mm cable (2-meter)
  • Parallel-wired, sturdy dual input jacks (one on each side)
  • Available in black, red, and creme
  • Optional replacement cable and earpads available