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Ashdown Engineering Geezer Butler Pedal of Doom Distortion Bass Effects Pedal

$599.99 $420.99
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Ashdown Engineering Geezer Butler Pedal of Doom Distortion Bass Effects Pedal

$599.99 $420.99
FREE 2-Day Shipping

Manufacturer's Description

Geezer Buttler Signature Pedal of Doom with dual VU switchable dual EQ and switchable drive.

Over the past 18 months we have been talking internally about what a great bass distortion requires to derive a useable tone from. Fundamentally it revolves around an EQ, a pre-determined structure to drive the right frequencies for the right track, to cut through or to sit back with rich depth right in your favourite pocket with your rhythm partner in crime. With this we looked no further than Geezer Butler and his use of dynamics in his songs that resonate as real today as they did when recorded.

The groove of the ‘Hand of Doom’ with Geezer and Bill, the change in character makes that track what it is. So, what if you could control the pre-EQ of each drive with an active 5 band EQ? Giving you two separate tones with two individual drives that can be punched in at the desired moment to give you much needed boost in rich harmonics.

So given the revelation we set about making the ‘Pedal of Doom’ forged in the deepest darkest depths of… Essex. Featuring an on-board transformer isolated Di output, with two switchable EQs. Dual VU meters that are designed to ensure your bass signal is balanced on the input and output of the signal path. Use of the Input meter to drive the EQ to the desired level dependant on the output of your instrument. The Output meter ensures the signal going back to your amp is as it goes in to avoid any unwanted gain jumps or in the opposite to ensure gain bumps when required.

Of course, the need to drive those sounds with rich harmonic distortion was a necessity of this pedal with the option to dial in just the right amount of gain for those moments that require the sound of Doom switchable when required.

After having countless requests to make a Geezer Butler preamp pedal based on the Head of Doom we jumped at the project, and we present today ‘The Pedal of Doom’.

We wanted the pedal finished to a high standard before presenting it to Geezer so after a few months the pedal was ready and we sent it over to Geezer for his approval, not knowing what we had been working on, Geezer was blown away with the pedal and had some very kind words to say ""this is without a doubt the best sounding and engineered pedal I have ever played and with my amp it truly has the sound of doom I live for.""

Bring the DOOM!

Dial in an overdrive so awesome you'll have to be careful you don't summon the End of the world!


Dual EQ to shape the tone of both channels. Each side includes separate Bass, Lo Mid, Hi Mid and then there's a shared treble. Each EQ is switchable.


The Pedal Of Doom comes with a Pro balanced DI output to connect to Front of house or any line level input.


  • Power Requirement: 9-18v External Power Supply Centre Pin Negative
  • EQ: 4-band EQ, bass, low-mid, hi-mid and treble.
  • H x W x D (mm): 60 x 180 x 120
  • Weight (kg): 1.2