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Ashdown CTM-VALVE-PRE Passive Rackmount All-Tube Valve Preamp


Manufacturer's Description

Over this past year we have been asked if we can offer a preamp version of our wonderful CTM little stubby, in an all tube 1 U rack/desktop preamp unit, with a built-in headphone output. The need for plug ins in today’s world is evident however why can’t you just plug in and get great bass tone. Many of the cabs can be beautifully emulated via the likes of our good friends at Two-Notes Wall of Sound plug in, however starting with a great core TONE is a must and our new pre-amp gives you just that. With the option of a transformer isolated Pre and Post Di Output and FX Loop for connection to an amp, FOH or DAC. The preamp has all you need to take your bass mixes to the next level. The preamp combines traditional ‘Bass, Middle and Treble’ rotary EQ control with a familiar Volume, Drive and unique Feedback control to accomplish both contemporary and classic all-valve tones from its ECC81, ECC82 and ECC83 preamp valves. It’s extremely easy to find the gain ‘sweet spot’ on the preamp – producing a warm, full-bodied overdriven sound. The heart of this pre-amp is the unique Feedback control which allows the character of the amp to be completely changed and fine-tuned from old school vintage valve amp tones at one end through to tighter more mid heavy modern tones at the other. This combined with the well-considered three band EQ gives almost limitless tonal variations. FX send and return continue the sonic purity and allow the players favourite modulation/time-based effects to be sent straight in. The CTM pre also utilises a USB C recording output for connection directly to your DAW of choice. The Codec used enables 48Khz 16bit audio, chosen for its low THD (Total harmonic distortion) and SNR (signal-to noise ratio) the TI PCM2912 is a great codec with a dynamic range suitable for the reproduction of bass tones directly to your computer. Ashdown have pulled out all the stops with this ‘NEW classic and cannot wait for you to hear it for yourselves...