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Arturia AudioFuse 16Rig 16-In / 12-Out High-Density USB-C Audio Interface with MIDI


Arturia AudioFuse 16Rig 16-In / 12-Out High-Density USB-C Audio Interface with MIDI


Manufacturer's Description

Arturia’s AudioFuse 16Rig is a professional interface that combines massive connectivity with flexible configurations for connecting an entire synth studio, complex live audio routing, advanced DAW recording, and beyond. And, like the rest of Arturia’s line-up, it does all this in an intuitive, workflow-focused way that encourages creativity & experimentation.

With 16 analog inputs, 12 analog outputs, dual-ADAT I/O ports with Word Clock sync, low latency DSP mixers, standalone audio and MIDI functionality and much more, AudioFuse 16Rig raises the bar in the audio interface category. It gives users an unmatched package of technical power, creative features, and maximum flexibility at an unbeatable price.

Ultimate studio centerpiece

Studio full of synths? Full band recordings? Complex monitoring & routing needs? AudioFuse 16Rig gives you the next-level connectivity, versatility, and usability you need for your pro audio applications. Make your sound count.

16 is just the beginning

Treat your setup to an interface that gives you all the connections you need. An entire setup can be kept connected to the rear I/O, leaving the front panel connections available for additional mics, instruments, or devices, while the inputs & outputs can be expanded with ADAT and rerouted as needed.

Pristine sound quality

Give your recordings the shine and clarity they deserve with premium 24-bit AD/DA converters from ESS and Cirrus Logic. Whether it’s synths, guitars, vocals, or any combination of inputs, expect top-notch sound across the board.

A standalone audio tool

For DAWless jamming or live performances, AudioFuse 16Rig just works. The interface can pass audio and MIDI signals even without a computer connected, with a low-latency MIDI-controllable internal mixer. You can even save configuration presets for easy stitching between setups.

Comprehensive audio routing and special features

Configure AudioFuse 16Rig’s connections to suit nearly any need, including multiple sends/returns for creative recording and mixing, A/B speaker switching for confident mixing, guitar re-amping, multiple headphone outputs for ensemble recording, and more.

Choose your workflow

Make AudioFuse 16Rig work for you; control its settings through the front panel controls or via the included AudioFuse Control Center software, configure the interface for desktop or rackmount operation, integrate it with practically any studio environment, and instantly switch between different audio scenarios with ease.


  • High-density audio inputs - 16 TRS analog inputs, 2 combo Inst/XLR inputs with high quality digitally recallable preamps, and even a convenient 3.5mm stereo input for easy connection of compact devices.
  • Flexible outputs & monitoring - 12 analog outputs, including 8 DC-coupled TRS line outputs, front panel outputs for re-amping or dual-headphone configuration, speaker outputs, and both 6.35mm and 3.5mm TRS headphone connections.
  • ADAT with Word Clock - Add up to 16 channels of input and output at 48kHz via ADAT, complete with Word Clock for precise synchronization between devices.
  • Standalone MIDI - Connect MIDI gear with USB or 5-pin DIN connectors and route signals with ease, even without a computer connected.
  • A USB mastermind - Class-compliant MIDI hosting, low-latency USB-C connection to computer, additional front & back USB hub ports.
  • Color display - Detailed real-time feedback on levels, routing, settings, and more.
  • Desktop or rackmount - Configurable for accessible desktop use or a tidy rackmount attachment to suit any setup.
  • AudioFuse Creative Suit - A suite of premium software including Analog Lab Intro and Arturia FX plugins.


  • 16 TRS analog inputs including 2 high-quality digitally controlled preamps, 3.5mm stereo input
  • 12 analog outputs including 8 DC-coupled TRS line outputs, stereo monitor outputs, 6.35mm outputs for re-amping or dual-headphone configuration
  • ADAT for up to 16 channels of additional I/O at 48kHz
  • Word Clock in & out
  • MIDI in & out via 5-pin DIN or class-compliant USB for DAW or standalone usage
  • Low-latency USB-C connection plus front & back USB hub ports
  • Two internal standalone mixers controllable by MIDI
  • Color display
  • Desktop or rackmount configuration
  • Includes AudioFuse Control Center software for firmware & settings, including a full input & output matrix
  • Includes AudioFuse Creative Suite software, including Analog Lab Intro and Arturia FX plugins
  • Included Software
    • Analog Lab Intro
    • AudioFuse Control Center
    • Pre 1973
    • Pre V76
    • Pre TridA
    • Filter MINI
    • Chorus JUN-6
    • Comp FET-76
    • Delay TAPE-201
    • Rev PLATE-140
    • Phaser BI-TRON
    • Comp DIODE-609