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Anderson Guitarworks Icon Classic HSS Guitar, Distressed Shell Pink over Sunburst

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Player's Perspective

Music Store Live is proud to offer up another beauty from our friends over at Tom Anderson Guitarworks. They never fail to impress us. Here's a beautiful piece with a distressed shell pink over tobacco sunburst finish.

Tom Anderson guitars are some of the best electric bolt-on guitars you're going to find. This Icon Classic model is a remarkably well-balanced instrument built with a staggering level of precision and poise. It's going to look reminiscent of other guitar shapes from the past, sure, but make no mistake about it, this is not your father's Strat! It may look like an old guitar with stories to tell, but just wait until you get under the hood and see what this baby has to offer!

This Anderson Icon Classic can go head-to-head with any bolt-on guitar of this shape and style in the world! No doubt about it. The combination of traditional and modern really shines through on this one. The roasted maple neck gives it an older look, but it's a relatively modern way of further stabilizing the neck (plus it looks and feels great). The HSS pickup configuration helps to bridge the gap between vintage and modern tones while adding loads of versatility to the instrument. Whether played clean or with distortion, this one's got you covered.

Special Features

Nowhere near a copycat of any kind, Icon lifts you on wings of unprecedented playability, tonality and resonance that are really astounding.  Giant vintage tones resound beyond normal expectations and unlimited string bends abound—push ‘em as far as you can push—still ringing out. So truly satisfying to play! It is the no compromise vintage guitar. But Icon does it in a totally iconic way, and with no vintage compromises. Icon has the look but not the limited playability, so all the Anderson attributes are soundly intact with the vintage visual attractions of:
  - Full-sized S-style body silhouette
  - Top Jack
  - Three numbered knobs
  - One rear strap button

So you could say: Icon looks just right and plays just right.  And almost every Anderson option is available, as long as it does not alter the time-honored look.

VA Series Pickups
The sweetest true vintage, staggered magnet, S-size single coil pickups ever created. We wind them to be full bodied and lush, without a hint of that cloudy, over-wound sound. Highs are unbelievably sweet and soft, always soothing and never harsh.

VA 7.2: Our most popular vintage series pickups. The VA7's slightly reduced pole piece stagger welcomes a fuller bottom end, with less potential for string rattle. The VA7.2 has a slightly hotter and fatter output.
VA 7.2R: Reverse wound VA7 for hum-cancelling configurations in pickup positions 2 and 4.

HC Series Pickups
Within the sanctuary of a sleek and smooth cover beats the heart of a vintage lion. Mild to medium to hot output, HCs sing with a wonderful vintage flavored voice, depicted by focused midrange energy and enlightened by extremely musical upper-mids and seasoned with sweet, soft and soothing highs.

HC 2: Our other most popular humbucker, perhaps. Who wouldn’t love a medium-hot output package with all the vintage flavor firmly in place, wound to create a full bouquet of tonalities. Muscular mids with a smattering of lush and soft highlights so it is impressively musical, with never a hint of that “oops, I accidentally sat on a duck,” tone. Beautiful from all tonal angles.

Switching Options:
Position 1: Neck Pickup
Position 2: Neck + Middle Pickups
Position 3: Middle Pickup (with tone pot pushed down)
Position 3a: Neck + Coil-Tapped Bridge Pickups (with tone pot pulled up)
Position 4: Middle + Coil-Tapped Bridge Pickups
Position 5: Bridge Pickup



  • Model: Icon Classic
  • Color: Distressed Shell Pink over Tobacco Sunburst (Level 3 Relic)
  • Body Wood: Alder
  • Pickguard: Aged Off White


  • Construction: Bolt-On
  • Fretboard: Roasted Maple
  • Radius: 12" - 14" Compound
  • Neck Wood: Roasted Maple
  • Neck Profile: Even Taper + .030 - .840 at the first fret to .900 at the 12th
  • Nut Width: 1 11/16"
  • Frets: 22, Medium Jumbo, Stainless Steel


  • Pickups: VA7.2, VA7.2R, HC2
  • Controls: Volume, Tone (push/push to split humbucker in position 5), Tone (push/push for alternate 3rd position pickup options)
  • Pickup Selector: 5-Way Blade Switch


  • Bridge: Vintage Tremolo
  • Tuners: Locking
  • Hardware Finish: Aged Nickel


  • Case: Deluxe Black Tolex Hardshell
  • Serial #: 09-03-22A
  • Instrument Weight: 6.9 lbs.

Overall Condition

Music Store Live is proud to be a Tom Anderson Guitarworks authorized dealer. This Icon Classic guitar is 100% pristine and brand new. Includes a full manufacturer's warranty. Pictures are of the exact guitar you'll receive.

Our in-house guitar tech will inspect, test, set up, and clean all of our instruments on site prior to shipping. All of our instruments are guaranteed to be fully functional upon arrival.